Unfolding The Secret Of Wedding Wows:

Abercrombie & Kent

For a bespoke journey to the paradisal wonders of a wedding extraordinaire, an unquestionable standout is Abercrombie & Kent. Under the guidance of a stellar panel of wedding planners and destination experts the wedding venue will refl ect a slice of heaven. From rustic textures to vibrant hues to fl owing fabric; from dazzling tablescapes and linens to glassware and fi ne china, the experts at Abercrombie & Kent add just the right amount of uber glam quotient to the nuptial setting.

The exclusive services by Abercrombie and Kent are tailor made to your culture, rituals, taste and preferences, and are fl awlessly executed to provide an unforgettable experience. Your guests will stay at the fi nest accommodations that offer a complete spectrum of amenities for absolute relaxation and extravagant luxury.

The wedding couple is assisted by the A&K team in selecting, the appropriate theme of the wedding at dream destinations, choosing luxe accommodations with fabled hospitality, stylists and set designers to spark up the wedding venue, fashion coordinators for the latest trends and befi tting glamour, choreographers to gear up for an evening gala or a sangeet ceremony, fl orists for custom décor designs and elaborate arrangements, performers and musicians for a spectacular display of entertainment , caterers to delight guests with a culinary experience fi lled with vivid fl avours and surprising twists, photographers to freeze profound wedding moments, capture timeless portraits of the bride and groom with an unobstructive crew of cinematographers who will candidly fi lm all the raw emotions of laughter, drama, anticipation and tears in the cinematic visuals; all of this structured with support and guidance of specialists make the experience not just memorable but also meaningful. Specializing in destination weddings, with a network of 50 offi ces spanning the globe, Abercrombie & Kent not only bring local expertise to the table but a great support mechanism worldwide.

The A&K wedding team also helps in selecting couture, wedding invitations and stationery for the momentous celebratory occasions, and managing guest lists and arrival and departure of the guests, is an element of their bespoke services. Furthermore, they organize insightful and entertaining pre and post wedding tours to explore noteworthy sites that will leave the wedding guests marveling over the curated journey.

Apart from the variety of special perks embedded in the brand’s heritage, a highlight is A&K’s feature of exotic honeymoon getaways. The newly wedded couple could be serenaded on beaches in the islands of Seychelles, Fiji, and Tahiti nestled away from the heavy foot traffi c or explore the rustic wilderness of Alaska or Botswana tucked into natural reserves or perhaps set sail in swanky luxury boats on the Nile, Yangtze or the Irrawaddy. The breathtaking views of the islands, the uninhabited peaceful beaches under the silence of a starry sky, epic landscapes fused with the hidden diversity of wildlife, such dreamy destinations never fail to kindle intrinsically romantic moments for the couple.

All the luxury provided in perfect private spots away from the radar of the chaotic hordes, only to be cocooned in each other’s company -Pure bliss!!

All this and more , makes Abercrombie and Kent one of the best in the wedding industry for orchestrating the most memorable and legendary weddings.

For further information about Abercrombie & Kent
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Email : privatetravel@abercrombiekent.co.in
Website: www.abercrombiekent.co.in

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