Engagement Rings

Blush of Pink

The astounding ‘Shalimar’ ring from Nirav Modi is the perfect jewel to seal the holy union of matrimony. Shaped like a lotus, a rare purplish pink 1.25-carat round ‘Shalimar’ diamond sits pretty on top of pink and white petals made from pear-shaped and round pink and colourless diamonds.


Kunzite pink, gold and glittery diamonds paint a playful picture and exalt the signature ‘Trinity’ rings from Cartier to another level. This limited edition piece has a brilliantly cut solitaire, spelling out the love for your bride.

Sunshine Jewel

The brilliantly cut 10 carat ‘Yellow Heart’ diamond ring by Nirav Modi is a perfect way to announce the marchdom to marital bliss.

Floral Fantasy

Pear shaped diamond come together to form a floral motif surrounded by a line of tiny counterparts that resemble a mini constellation of stars. This ‘Floral Diamond ring from jeweller Hazoorilal symbolizes unquenchable love.

Bands Of Loyalty

The identical ‘Platinum Bands‘ from Cartier are for the frill free couple who believe in the beauty of understated glamour. Used since 1925, these bands encapsulate the radiance of celebration and are a token of sublime love and commitment.

Platinum Bride

Tiffany offers the ‘Legacy’ ring in platinum for brides who prefer the sheen of white to the glitter of gold. A cushion cut 0.31 carat diamond crowns the galaxy of tiny diamonds surrounding it.

Love Song

Cartier’s ‘Love Solitaire’ is a perfect declaration of love and marital felicity for men who believe in simplicity of style. Studded with a stunning diamond in the middle and set in white gold, this band is the perfect expression of love.

Solitaire Stories

Nothing spells surreal more than this solitaire. Cartier’s ‘Pave Solitaire 1895’ is a big rock serenaded by diamonds in a platinum setting. A signature design from the french jewellery house, this jewel is a piece of history.


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