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The Masterclass: Shaker Party Drinks

Creative entrepreneur GeorgeVarvaritis driven by his passion for the fi nest quality drinks and food, as well as hospitality was the one who conceived Shaker Party & Drinks. Exposed to the food industry from a young age, through his family’s food distribution group, George went on to forge his own career in the same industry. Following the success of George’s restaurant in Australia NSW, George launched Shaker Party & Drinks in Athens in 2004.

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Delectably Sweet Wedding: Deliciae Patisserie

At Deliciae Patisserie you will be tempted by the beautiful mélange of exquisite cakes and sinfully exotic desserts. The Patisserie started off as a patisserie cum café in Bandra but has now carved a niche for itself in the luxury wedding space with its upscale desserts made from some of the world’s most superior ingredients. On your Big Day offer your guests hedonistic pleasure of indulging in the ultimate desserts, sweets and cakes brought from Deliciae Patisserie.

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Indulgence In The Ambrosia Delight: Kwality Events and Catering

An old proverb says ‘To the people, food is heaven’. The bravura celebration of weddings comes knotted with the unique cultural experience of food. Not just ordinary food. But a medley of fl avours and hearty cuisines made to perfection. Although, unearthing such an emporium of legendary cuisine can be an arduous task. This is where Kwality Events and Catering comes to the rescue. With over seven decades of impeccable service it has provisioned several upscale weddings with delectable cuisines of exceptional quality.

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Arabic Heaven For Sweets: Kunafa

‘Kunafa’ is a one stop shop for desserts and sweets from the Arabic world and is located in New Delhi’s Meher Chand Market. Kunafa made its way to India after Nikhil Anand and Raghu Sehgal were invited to Naser Barakat’s house. Naser Barakat’s family has especially formulated this rare treat with choicest raw materials from Middle East. The recipe is a family secret handed down from generations. They prepare a wide array of exquisitely rich pastry with a lasting shelf life that sets kunafa apart from other sweets for its habitués can appreciate the mouthwatering delicacies for months.

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Fine Dining At Foodlink: Foodlink

Nowhere is the “love of food” more emphasized than at Food- link. Over the last fi fteen years Foodlink has evolved from being a modest culinary venture, started by Sanjay Vazirani, to a brand that epitomizes the term ‘fi ne dining’. With a clientele that comprises the country’s crème de la crème, such as the iconic Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar and industrial moguls like Mukesh Ambani and Hemendra Kothari, this brand has scaled the culinary heights with its spectacular spreads.

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The Reverie Of A Lifetime: The Grand Bhagwati

Indian weddings truly encompass grandeur and exquisiteness which is wrought by experts who handle the food, décor and logistics. Allow the ‘The Grand Bhagwati’ to handle your celebratory moments with their hassle free celebration catering for they hold the enviable position of being outdoor caterers par excellence and have no parallel.

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Celebrating Romance Magnifi que: La Folie

Chic, elegant and luxurious, La Folie Patisserie, the brainchild of Chef Sanjana, provides the perfect icing on the cake to commemorate that one special occasion. Formed under the PBS group in early 2013, La Folie; is a French expression for “my madness”. Menu planning services are provided under the capable guidance of Chef Sanjana, who cleverly whips up that perfect dessert menu, which will not just complement the savoury items but will match the taste preference of every guest who has honoured the occasion with their presence. Her creativity and sensitivity come from her alma mater Ecole Grégoire Ferrandi, one of the most respected French pastry schools in the world.

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A Sumptuous Reception And Food: Chetak Caterers

While hosting a feast, the epicurean craft of bringing appetis- ing delights is an art learned by few. Food has its own soul or so they believe at Chetak Caterers who have a prowess in the fi eld of grandiose ostentation. With a passion for hospitality, the group’s CEO Pratap Dhulla has 48 years of expertise and dexterity on his side. Working tirelessly to make the group reach its enigmatic height is its line of administration – Vinit Mody (VP- Business Development & PR) and Charmy Mody (VP-Business Operations) who have MBAs in Hospitality from Switzerland and Vishal Dhulla (VP- Food and Marketing & Advertising), an MBA in Finance and Marketing who lends a high-style fl air to the group.

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Hosting Soiree, The Fashionable Way: I Lawns

Conceptualising a regaled celebration takes its fi rst steps in hand picking a nonpareil location. The chosen locale plays a primal factor in establishing the opulence and splendour of the fi esta. I-Lawns with its sprawling grounds plays host to majestic events with exalted brilliance. It is the Gen-Next event venue at I-Land Wadala boasting of paramount compe- tence in hosting lavish parties. Having completed one year of magically transforming an event into one that reckons with the guests, they claim to be building an esteemed name in the industry.

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Bonne Bouche: The Sweet Boutique

The Sweet Boutique, a bespoke cake and confectionery company based in New Delhi, India. Founded in 2008, the company is headed by Nitin and Ruchika Khurana, who along with their team of pastry chefs and sugar-craft artists are passionate about creating edible works of art for special occasions including weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, birthday parties and corporate events.

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Kitchen Craft: Sanjay Vazirani

‘Haute cuisines’ pay their respect and fine dining finds a new home at Sanjay Vazirani’s plush kitchen based in Mumbai. Started out as a modest culinary dream, his catering company ‘Foodlink’ slowly transformed from a small venture into a brand that now issues its own culinary dictat. Here is a food revolution that redefines the concept of ‘fine dining’ in India and ushers in a new form of cusine that will have Indians whets their appetite for more.
Fifteen years later, Foodlink had garnered a country wide reputation of being one of the ace hospitality brands by ...

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The Heritage Of Artistry : A S Motiwala

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Exploring New Vistas Of Creativity : Hazoorilal Jewellers

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A Promise Set In Diamonds : Nirav Modi

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Disitinctive Dreamscapes : ET Weddings

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Celebrating Romance Magnifique: La Folie

Chic, elegant and luxurious, La Folie Patisserie, the brainchild of Chef Sanjana, provides the perfect icing on the cake to commemorate that one special occasion.

Capturing The Solemnization : Parav Sahni Photography

No amount of happiness can be elicited as much as when the overwhelming moments of a wedding extravaganza are sealed.