Majestic Muse By : JJ Valaya

Rich textures and mesmerizing surface ornamentation defi ne the creations of the master craftsman JJ Valaya, who weaves magic with his plush embroideries, crystals, real pearls and semi-precious stones

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Enigmatic Enchantress By : Manish Arora

Bold and vibrant colours with experimental embroideries as well as statement jewellery are all synonymous with the ‘Indian by Manish Arora’ bride

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Effeminate Exuberance By : Manish Malhotra

She is confident, unconventional and encourages individuality; she respects her tradition, culture and heritage but has a modern outlook towards life; she loves to experiment and understated glamour is a part of her personality – all this would defi ne my quintessential bride. Today, I think unconventional choices continue to be appreciated the most

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Romantic Flair By : Tarun Tahiliani

A couture that keeps distinctive Indian crafts alive while exploring visions in sparkling crystal and carat refl ects emotions that give shape to sensuous, elegant and bespoke luxury for the bride. As a designer I have aimed to create the ultimate in ‘India Modern’, a brand with a view in the present moment, but much steeped in the Indian traditions of draped form and the techniques that millions of Indian hands imbibe with love

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Eternal Elegance By : Anita Dongre

The quintessential bride, according to me, has evolved from the blushing demure damsel to a modern independent woman who is free spirited, confi dent in her own skin and progressive, yet treasures her rich Indian roots. She seeks a blend of tradition and modernity in her bridal ensemble and is willing to experiment with her look- steering away from conventional colours and heavily embroidered lehengas...

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Drape Diary By : Gaurav Gupta

No fashion ensemble has been able to dethrone this six-yard staple from its mantle in the Indian couture closet. A sari is a simple classic that has bucked the trend and hoodwinked at the fickle ways of fashion. However daunting a task this drape might have posed, the formidable league of Indian couturiers has been working tirelessly to reinvent its timeless charm.

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Kamarbandh Capers By : Tarun Tahiliani

It’s been around since the days of the Raj, and its evolution from utility to luxury has been a fascinating one. From a simple waist belt to hold a sword, the kamarbandh went to being an integral part of regal Indian attire. Lately the kamarbandh has been infused with new life with more and more grooms opting for it to round off immaculately detailed wedding outfits.

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Turbaned Splendor By : Suneet Varma

A simple yard of fabric that chronicles the nostalgia of the days of Rajputana and extravagance within its every fold, the turban is one such accessory that has been a fascination for decades as the bespoke emblem of royalty. And when it comes to luxury weddings, this head drape plays a perfect soulmate to the regal bandhgala and embroidered shervani or an achkan. From the runways of Jean Paul Gaultier who was

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The Sharara Soiree By : Muzaffar Ali

A delightful addition to bridal sartorial spread is the Sharara – an ethnic silhouette with an appeal and elegance that’s uniquely Awadhi. The romance of the Mughal era can best be expressed by shunning the traditional lehenga and opting instead for the sharara. Of Persian origin, the sharara entered the old Awadhi-Muslim tradition as everyday attire in Mughal times, later transcending into something that was worn on traditional occasions.

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Velvet Musings By : JJ Valaya

Minimalism has taken a backseat to refined opulence since the last several seasons in men’s wedding closets. The one fabric at the forefront of this indulgence has been velvet – resplendent and lush, and not restricted to traditional black alone. Antique stories like distressed sage greens, midnight blues and burgundies, are scoring high on the couture radar for men.

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Back To Lace By : Gauri and Nainika

There’s nothing that combines the solemnity of the occasion and a dash of style quite like a pure white confection ensemble. Add to that a delicately woven lacy back, and the glamour quotient shoots through the roof. From Chantilly to delicate French and Venetian laces, sartorial emphasis on the beautiful front detailing of the white-wedding fantasy gown has role-reversed

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Drape Fantasia By : Shantanu and Nikhil

With the Indian wedding emerging from dusty, sepia-tinted photo albums and slipping into a slick and decadent modern avatar, wedding couture has time-travelled into what seems like an analogue of a beautiful costume drama. Sartorial experimentation has given the conservative Indian groom a dramatic makeover. And the new-age groom is totally geared up for it.

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