Culinary Curators By : Rolline Frewen Innovative food presentation is the new culinary trend to hit Indian weddings

Those who crave perfection regard food as something that not only satiates but also inspires art. What better occasion, then, to celebrate the love of the fine life than a luxury wedding? From lavish buffets to a world of haute gastronomy, Indian weddings have come a long way.

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Bite-Sized Fantasies By : Hemant Oberoi Snacking menus are giving full-meal spreads a run for their money

Call them nibbles, noshes or just plain bites. Big plates at Indian luxury weddings are facing stiff competition from ‘small plate’ wonders, three square meals are giving way to snacking on small delights. A dining trend that kicked off in Europe at the turn of the Millennium is now catching on in India.

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Molecular Toasts By : Sanjay Vazirani Molecular cocktails, with their unlikely combinations, enjoy a celebrated spot at wedding do’s this season

Sweet corn, avocado, jelly are not really ingredients that belong in a martini glass. But cocktail maestros these days prefer to dazzle with their skills at marrying unusual ingredients, creating new sensations to tingle the palate. Put the blue bottle of Curacao and the signature cocktail mixers, to one side, and

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From The Culinary Laboratory By : Marut Sikka Surprise your guests with the cutting-edge delights of molecular gastronomy

When food becomes an object d’art, the kitchen evolves into an art gallery, overseen by its own curator. The result is a stunning spread of haute gastronomy, one that owes much to the science of cooking. And we aren’t just talking restaurants. Indian weddings too have become

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Desi Couture By : Puneet Sikand The simple pleasures of street food get a makeover at the wedding buffet

Who says comfort food can’t be haute cuisine? What better occasion than your wedding to celebrate the confluence of two ends of the gastronomic spectrum? Comfort food has quietly reclaimed its top spot in the great Indian wedding. Not surprising for nothing can match the pleasure it provides.

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Call Of The Organic By : Vikas Khanna With an emphasis on garden-fresh food, ‘organic’ is the byword at luxury weddings

Organic is the new catchphrase resonating in the universe of luxury weddings. Move over live food stations as fresh gains frenzy, with maverick food-makers creating a whole herb garden at wedding venues. Guests can walk through the garden

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Tiers Of Happiness By : Rosalind Miller Icing techniques mimic ruffles to dress the cake up and give it a nontraditional beauty

A sugary confection to seal your marriage is the best way to step into the unadulterated realm of marital bliss. Away from the jewel overtones and sweet undercurrents of common floral motifs, the new design in cakes riding high on the fancy of brides is the unbridled elegance of lace.

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Romancing The Ruffles By : Elin Katz Icing techniques mimic ruffles to dress the cake up and give it a nontraditional beauty

Expanding on the trend of sartorial aesthetic being incorporated in the wedding confectionary, the next recommendation is a slight departure from understated and elegant to romantic and pretty. In short – a move away from lace towards ruffles and frills. Nothing is more symbolic for brides as ruffles.

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