The Heritage Of Artistry : A S Motiwala

The era of a timeless saga. ‘AS Motiwala’.

A timeless brand, whose artistry has evolved during its long history and which fashioned the meticulously detailed designs that are sprinkled with a vision - all of these attributes certainly warrant the recognition of the fi nest name in jewellery designing. Meet, Ashraf Motiwala, the fi fth generation scion of privileged lineage of the Motiwala legacy. A graduate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and Institute of Gemology (IGI), he specializes in diamonds and coloured stones and has a knack for scouring the globe for new inspiration. Nature, travel and popular culture are the infl uences he brings to his pieces.

His ascent to the premier line of exquisite jewellery designs has served to make him an ambassador for the jewellery industry. From a creative standpoint, his love affair with jewels is not just limited to gemstone embellishments, but he also pays close attention to the superior quality of each stone by personally choosing them, which results in an unmatched fi nish. Needless to say, the esteemed purveyors of the jewellery industry trust his artistic judgment and have recognized his perceptive eye which matched with his knowledge of his craft, makes him a legendary alchemist of gemstones. The jewels of AS Motiwala are crafted by a corps of specialized artisans, trained to execute bespoke requests and skilled in the highest expression of craftsmanship with poesy itself engraved on them.

Ashraf Motiwala is the winner of numerous accolades including GJTCI (Gems and Jewellery Trade Council of India) Excellence Award for the Luxury Retailer of the Year 2014. Proving his relentless pursuit of excellence yet again Ashraf Motiwala’s enchanting diamond pieces, earned him the feat of becoming the only jeweller to win both The Editor’s Choice as well as The Jury’s Choice Awards under The Diamond Wedding Jewellery Category at The Retailer Jeweler India Awards.

The Legendary Atelier Of Artistry

Among his various accomplishments in the jewellery industry, one of his recent coups is the establishment of the AS Motiwala fl agship store. Located on the busy street of Hill Road in Bandra, Mumbai, this sprawling 6000 square foot, two-level store, has transcended a mere structure of mortar and bricks to become the nucleus of the fi nest jewellery. The interiors of the store and the ambience of unadulterated luxury, coupled with the awe-striking sense of hospitality that the buyers at AS Motiwala experience is refl ective of the unprecedented standards that the brand custodian, Ashraf Motiwala has envisioned for the iconic brand.

For The Magnifi cence, Beyond Compare: ASM Shiekha

The house of AS Motiwala has introduced a venerated collection ‘ASM Shiekha’ which bedecks each bride in jewels and diamonds so exquisite and perfectly carved that it casts an enchanting spell of unrivalled beauty and grace.

True to its name, the collection Shiekha which means Princess is an acknowledgment to the special legacy of AS Motiwala which when matched with his high engineering techniques gives an opulent and distinct look to the jewellery meant for the contemporary bride. Bathing in the brilliance of diamonds punctuated by the rich tone of emerald this 47 carat exquisite neckpiece, exclusively crafted by the House of AS Motiwala is truly one of a kind. One look at this 18 carat white gold necklace is enough for the discernible to notice its delicate detailing and assembly of the various cuts of diamonds by the highest standards of craftsmanship. The addition of 16 drop shaped deep emeralds is what segregates this radiant treasure from any other. It parts intensity with its brilliant colouring and makes it a highly desirable piece for every bride.

For The Aura Of Allure: Indian Lace

Inspired by the unique art of ‘Chikankari’, this collection represents the feminine and classy look which partially allows skin show to add a sensual touch. The extraordinary design refl ects the zenith of the age old art, which with its delicacy has mesmerized the hearts of many. The glittering full cut diamonds maintain a balance between the drama of skin visibility and the glamour of the neckpiece and so contribute to a standout design. This priceless contemporary collection of strikingly bold, yet graceful design will never fail to envelop the mystical aura of any bride.

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The Heritage Of Artistry : A S Motiwala

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