The Descendants Of Artistry: Fratelli Piccini

With poesy engraved on each piece of jewel as frail as a cloud, encompassing each stone with ethereal beauty and elegance, Fratelli Piccini showcases the sparkle which gleams in every woman’s eyes when adorned with jewels.

Located at the Ponte Vecchio, the ‘old bridge’ below the Vasarian Corridor, Florence; the store is run under the leadership and experience of Elisa Tozzi Piccini, graduated gemologist at the G.I.A. of Los Angeles Ornaments from Fratelli Piccini carry with them a legacy of a hundred and eleven years, each piece of jewellery, a work of art, each piece signifying the trajectory of strength and courage, of destruction and survival, of the strong conviction of a family to preserve and sustain their heritage despite the devastation from the Second World War and the bombings near Ponte Vecchio.

The legacy of the four generations of Italian goldsmithing has continued practicing the authentic Florentine artisan tradition, transforming rare and certifi ed precious stones into collectable jewels with their techniques and skills. The idea is just not merely structure precious gems and stones to produce jewellery, but amalgamate the artistry of fi nesse and the romanticism of design to devise exuberant pieces of magnifi cence.

Located within the store, the workshop infuses meticulous detailing to the most diminutive feature of the jewels, from the initial designs, to the waxes, to the end product. This special feature facilitates the store to create innovative, custom design exquisite jewellery as per personal specifi cations. A chance particularly care to most newlyweds who wish to design their own engagement rings and wedding bands. Own symbols of love that they can exchange during an exclusive aperitif or dinner on the small, romantic terrace of the store on the Arno River. It’s not surprising that this impeccable service has reckoned leading international fi gure Hillary Clinton on top of their loyal clientele list. Creating each embellished piece with the perfect blend of poise and grace that infuse enchantment, epitomizes the mantra of Fratelli Piccini. Their creations will highlight (oppure enhance) your beauty.

The Piccini One Collection: unique jewels for materials and stones, design and workmanship. Unique as the meaning they enclose: numbered and signed sketches, moulds of ownership of the Client, jewel ID. The FI225 Collection: jewels of admirable craftsmanship which combine design, elegance and refi ned precious stones. The Moments Collection: a collection of wedding bands hand carved by our master goldsmiths, the quintessence of our heritage and history, inspired by the most beautiful monuments of the romantic city of Florence. Valuable and unconventional masterpieces, intimate symbols of love.

The world renowned identity of Fratelli Piccini has enabled them not only to deal with their own creations but also proudly present few selected brands which match their philosophy: Patek Philippe, Messika, Mikimoto, Vhernier, Pesavento and Corum. At Fratelli Piccini, they don’t just make jewellery, they bequest strength, beauty and lineage in their jewels!

Fratelli Piccini can further be reached at
Ponte Vecchio 21/23 r, 50125 Firenze
T 055.294768 - 2396296
Four Seasons Hotel
Borgo Pinti, 99, 50121 - Firenze
T 055.2626365

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