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Anvita Mehra, the vanguard of luxury couture is a perfectionist who assures to provide the best of the products to her clients. She has carved a quintessential model by creating a platform that includes not only a couture emporium but also a warehouse of jewellery. The Taj Mahal is imbued by tradition, culture and art. In Dubai, the Taaj Arabia is the apotheosis of the historic mausoleum. A leading-edge destination impregnated with skyscrapers and a state of the art structure, it aspires to recreate this symbol of love. Vogue Jewellery is inspired by the same amalgamation of modern day practices and classical, customary culture. Vogue Jewellery has emerged as a fusion of fi ne contemporary jewellery that has kept the conventional touch of the time- honoured traditions.

The conceptions of Vogue Jewellery are created from a myriad of ideas, thoughts, musings, refl ections and recollection. The designers are inspired by the enchantment of art, aestheticism, culture, nature, emotions and personalities. The team of skilled Armenian craftsmen carves out designs with intricacy and enhances the beauty of each piece. They make use of hand and machine work to make products that refl ect their profi ciency, expertise and fi nesse. The creations are a salmagundi of diamonds, pearls, coloured stones – being sourced from countries across the world. The jewellery is a collection of the fi nest and choicest of designs and is matchless because of its paramount quality and one- of-a-kind pieces. Vogue jewellery seeks to attain the highest level of quality by creating designs that depict pulchritude and elegance. (

Anvita Mehra has emerged as the leading lady of Seventh Avenue. With a passion for couture, she engages her clients in reselling, reinventing and rejoicing their buys. Confi dential couture is the love of all things extraordinary. It is an initiative to extend exclusive services to clients. Anvita Mehra works with a team that offer the services of authenticating and curating products for their clients by acquiring the designer items for reselling. They book an appointment with the client to collect the items and assess them. If the product is approved by their partnered authentic agency, based in The States and France, the items are uploaded to Confi dential Couture’s website for purchase.(www.confi

To make it more convenient for the clients, they offer the facility of personal shopping. Designer items of the clients’ choice are sourced and presented before her/him. While sitting in the comforts of your home, you may receive a limited edition handbag or a vintage perfume from your personal purchasers. The team promises the maintenance of products. They have an in-house team for cleaning, conditioning and restoring of handbags.

Interwoven with one another under one roof, couture, jewellery, a delicatessen and Taaj Arabia will come to light as a shangri-la wedding destination.

Vogue Jewellery can further be reached at
13E Au (Gold) Tower, JLT, Dubai

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