Royal Salute

The Royal Salute 62 Gun Salute is undoubtedly a whisky royalty. The Dartington Crystal handcrafted 62 Gun Salute bottle pays tribute to its royal associations by taking the name of the British monarch’s time-honoured birthday celebrations and accession to the throne: the 62 Gun Salute, fired at the Tower of London every June.

Originally created to mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, the world’s leading luxury Scotch, Royal Salute is a tribute to Chivas’ four master blenders: Allan Baillie, Jimmy Lang, Charles Julian and current master blender Colin Scott.

With lavish notes of rich plums, this whisky is extremely rich with sumptuous fruity aromas, and at its heart is the legacy of Royal Salute’s four master blenders, whose generations of blending expertise have been married together, for the first time, to produce this extraordinarily rich harmony of flavours. Each master blender has hand-selected and reserved his finest whiskies, in preparation for the creation of an extra special blend, making it a truly luxury products, created by the only surviving master blender Colin Scott. A supreme craftsman with a lifelong passion for exceptional whisky, Colin has drawn on his own knowledge and inspiration from the master blenders before him to create this ultimate blend, with a deep understanding of the characteristics of each and every whisky in the Chivas Brothers’ extensive, aged inventory.

This very special blend of luxury whisky embraces Royal Salute’s years of expertise, passion and pride for creating the ultimate in luxury Scotch. The ornate royal blue bottle is created by master glass blowers, with decades of experience in the art of glassblowing. In a similar apprenticeship to Royal Salute’s Master Blenders, it can take years of experience to graduate to the title of master blower and oversee complex and intricate glass design. The techniques used to create the 62 Gun Salute bottle are the culmination of generations of expert craftsmanship.

Each 62 Gun Salute bottle can take up to four days to produce. At every stage of the production, attention to detail is paid to ensure the finished article is an ornate and intricate creation. Created with double walled crystal with 18 carat gold decoration and crest, it is then handcrafted with a midnight blue outer wall and clear crystal inner wall. The decoration on the bottle is hand-cut to reveal the clear glass and the colour of the whisky through the crystal.

Each bottle has the Royal Salute crest hand-painted in gold colour. It is then blasted with sand. The liquid gold crest is fired into the surface (in an oven) receiving a final burnishing to highlight the gold. Each completed bottle is inspected by the master glass blower and head designer to ensure the highest standards are adhered to. The 62 Gun Salute bottle is completed with a 24 Carat gold plated collar and a 24 cut crystal stopper set in 24 carat gold plated crown. A fitting crown for the royalty of whiskies. The journey begins, where others end..

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