Handcrafting A Tradition : Roopa Vohra

Centuries after one man from Pratapgarh, Rajasthan, created the poetic art of ‘thewa’, one woman flipping through a coffee table book fell in love with this exquisite, fast disappearing jewellery art form. She envisioned gorgeous contemporary parure that could be created from this technique, seen on the doors and windows in the homes of ancient royal families and on their jewellery.

Grit, determination and dedication are what all success stories are made of. Efforts to resurrect a dying art form and in turn instill faith in an entire generation of artisans who lost their means of livelihood due to lack of patronage - that is Roopa’s story.

‘Thewa’, a 400 year old dying Mughal art form was to be extinct but for Roopa who coaxed, cajoled & convinced the few existing artisans in Pratapgarh to continue practicing it. Starting with a modest capital, Roopa set out to master the fusion of glass and gold and present it to the world. Months of relentless efforts and experimentation finally resulted in a perfect piece of “Thewa” art as you see it today. The rest they say is history.

Art Of Thewa

This age old craft is a fusion appliqué of a piece of patterned work sheet of gold foil which is transferred on to transparent coloured glass. The piece of glass is then encased in a frame a layer of lac. The lac is heated & the metal sheet is pressed tightly & firmly into it. When the lac cools down, it hardens & holds the metal down while it is being worked upon, resulting in the immaculate fusion of gold & glass.

Roopa Vohra is no stranger to success - her name on the lips of many a celebrity! Her signature collections have become a regular sight on red carpets, adorning many a beautiful people. Drawing inspiration from the rich past of our cultural heritage, Roopa Vohra has repeatedly given us some of the most exquisite collections in jewellery, be it her distinctive treatment of the rare craft of Thewa or the innovative concept of Naqaashi. This time is no different.

Under Roopa’s connoisseur eye, a fascinating collection takes form and awaits the arrival of the women of today! Rich colours are blended with a touch of classic romanticism. As far as Roopa Vohra is concerned, an impeccable setting and detailing defines the look and enhances the beauty of her creations.

Her signature collections luxuriate in an opulent flamboyance, yet are tempered by tasteful elegance. From the successes of her thewa revivalist works, was also born ‘Naqaashi’, a much in-demand innovative extension of her original designs.

Creating in each piece a representation of a contextualized vintage India, all amalgamating in a beautiful symbiotic design of the old and the new, where modern design meets traditional aesthetics and thoughts, giving birth to jewellery that echoes the most basic mantra of an Indian bride – to be classical and contemporary at the same time. An integral part of the brand is that whether of chic urbane aesthetics or rich elegance, Roopa’s jewellery is suited to every kind of sartorial choice.

A popular indulgence of the wealthy, each jewellery piece speaks of the many days of laborious handcrafted skill that goes into their making. Patrons get to explore from a wide, breathtaking range of statement pieces like bold cocktail rings, wide necklaces, shoulder brushing chandelier earrings in a medley of uncut polki diamonds, sunset rubies, verdant emeralds and south sea pearls. Each collection carves its own distinct identity, as different elements of technique come together.

Yes ROOPA VOHRA is a name that goes beyond the nuances of a jewellery revivalist. It is a brand that is symbolic of tasteful elegance blended with the aesthetics of traditional craftsmanship.

Roopa Vohra can further be reached at
news@roopavohra.com , info@roopavohra.com
or through www.roopavohra.com

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