Gold Dusted Legacies : Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas

BG Jewellers opened their doors in 1942 and never looked back. Designing and developing an ancient art patronized by royal families of Rajasthan for almost over two decades, BG Jewellers have also given conventional kundan and meena jewellery a shot of contemporaneous spirit. It fell upon the shoulders of Yash Agarwal, the son of Nawal Agarwal, to build on the brand that his grandfather had created many years ago

After graduating from the Gemological Institute of America, Yash took a formal training in jewellery designing, manufacturing, colour stone identification and diamond grading, where he was awarded the Best Jewellery Designer of the Year 2004. He also did a brief internship with Tiffany’s. Among the awards, Yash has been recognized and honoured for the National Jewellery Award for the most innovative jewellery of the year, the Indian Jewellery Award for innovative rings and earrings and the Trendsetters by Retail Jewellers in 2012.

Yash, representing the third generation of the Birdhichand family, signifies an evolution of the brand from traditional to modern. Now steering the helm of the business, he has been responsible for making the brand more dynamic as its tastes more avant-garde, while never compromising on quality and durability.

From tikkas to toe rings, nathnis to necklaces, the breathtaking jewellery of Birdhichand has adorned brides for years. Each exquisite piece is embellished with a range of polka stones, gems in phantasmagoric hues, highly polished diamonds - all set in antique gold styles with astounding quality.

Their standards are so high and authentic that customers sometimes don’t even bother to check the hallmark, because their ‘brand name is more than enough’. Expertise and workmanship speak for themselves, so whatever the jewels might be, all speak for themselves.

Yash has also been responsible for streamlining BG Jewellers’ main collections, and creating nomenclature for them that defines each line. ‘Noor’, is the company’s solitaire diamond line, ‘Melange’, a range of a delicate mix of western design and Indian techniques such as motifs inspired from Harappa and Mesopotamian eras, ‘Hunar’ is kundan, meenakari and enamel jewellery that explore the myriad festive colours of Rajasthan and ‘Adrishya’, launched in 2010 at IIJW, which translates to “invisible” in Sanskrit, is a series of pieces with precious stones embedded in near invisible gold settings. The family never even once lost the sight of tradition of dependability and customer satisfaction.

Yash has been a great part of the brand’s success. His dynamic personality reflects in the brand and its products. A talented visionary, this young member of the family, had a humble beginning, but ensured to be soon counted amongst the classiest jewellers in town, with an international reach. Keeping the family tradition going, Yash also enhanced their values with his individualistic touch and design inputs. With unparalleled dedication, exceptional talents and a rare tenacity, Yash Agarwal has done wonders in the field of innovation. A passion to create and design gives him more pleasure than selling. He continuously creates different concepts by experiments with the stones, settings and colours. Today, Yash has more than 250 designs copyright and patented under his name.

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