Designing The Artistry Of Brilliance : Anmol Jewellers

Wearing the right kind of jewellery to enhance an ensemble for that impeccable look is an opportunity that a few have. Anmol Jewellers make choosing the right pieces of jewellery a memorable experience. Given the exclusivity of the jewels, each piece is an heirloom in the making. This feature brands Anmol Jewellers as the creators of wearable works of art. They believe in art that is not just an expression of beauty or a creative visual but art that evokes! The creative mind behind these captivating collections of art is Mr. Ishu Datwani.

With 28 years of customer satisfaction behind him, Ishu Datwani has made a selection from among his magnifi cent collection with intricate designs for exclusive bridal collection called ‘Bijouterie.’ This bespoke bridal set weaves a most enchanting dream for every girl with its breathtaking sparkle. The fl oating sea of uncut diamonds is placed in the warmth of shiny rose gold, and the south sea pearls adds just the right amount of elegance and balances the brilliance of the diamonds. According to Ishu Datwani, this design fl ows in the poetry of rich cultural heritage embedded in contemporary forms and is composed for a very special bride.

Emerald is one fine gem that can enchant and melt anyone with its striking qualities. This Columbian emerald sits elegantly in the simple yet unique ring surrounded by white diamonds. The voluptuous gemstone is embedded in 18K gold, which enhances both its colour and highlights its brilliance. Sealed with briolettes on both sides of the band the rare 15.74 carat Columbian emerald is a timeless piece which exudes exuberance and luminosity creating a whimsical statement. The luscious deep green stone is elegant, chic and classy and its mysteriousness ignites a penchant to own it

Amongst Ishu Datwani’s series of most iconic archival designs is the cocktail cuff which with its simple, clean lines and geometric patterns is a most sought after piece. Tucked in gold is a cluster of marquise, princess, oval, emerald cut and drop diamond takes the centre stage amidst rows of sparkling yellow diamonds. The dramatic combination of yellow and white diamonds gives this art deco inspired cuff, a distinctive chic and classy overtone.

Amid finely crafted jewellery, is rare treasure, a pair of earrings which are a refl ection of the bygone era of the ‘Fan Culture’. It comprises of paisley shaped ear-cuffs that extends into a lovely uncut diamond drop and is attached to a delicate pearl ear-chain that drops behind the ears and culminates with a beautiful fan shaped motif. The piece is meticulously handcrafted in 18K yellow and rose gold and embellished with uncut diamonds and brilliant round diamonds.

The last is a bangle that has been delicately embroidered with round and uncut diamonds, coffee diamonds, emeralds and sealed in gold that will encircle the wrist and which exhibits the meticulously carved and intricate elephant motif which exudes royalty and grandiosity. This stunner depicts the ‘Elephant Festival’ of Jaipur, which celebrates the splendor of these regal creatures and the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan – both equally reminiscent of the Royalty of India. The heirloom piece is truly worth passing down generations.

The lineage of extraordinary collection of hard to fi nd gemstones and select designs has rewarded Anmol Jewellers with a pivotal image in the jewellery industry. Showcasing the works of Ishu Datwani, the signature works and presentation of these jewels has turned every bride’s dream into a reality with their distinctive aesthetics and revolutionary designs.

Anmol Jewellers can further be reached at
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