Crafting For The Stars : Farah Khan

It’s not without reason that Farah Ali Khan’s habitué list sparkles with starry names, both from within the country and abroad. Her eponymous award winning label Farah Khan’s Fine Jewellery has adorned every name in Bollywood, who have in turn have had effusive admiration for her designs. From Sushmita Sen for whom owning Farah’s jewellery is to “know forever romance” to Dia Mirza, who declares these pieces are “for the new you with the depth of the soul that’s old”, these exquisitely crafted pieces are well fêted and passionately adored. Even her male clients, who she started designing for in 2006, are enthralled by her genius craftsmanship with gems, making them as Hrithik Roshan has stated, the only jewellery he has wanted to just stand and stare at.

One look at the distinctive flaming colours that leap out of her jewels, and anyone would understand why Farah uses adjectives ‘flamboyant, ornate and adventurous’ to describe her pieces, jewellery that “no matter how small or big, should make the wearer feel like a princess”. Amongst Farah’s eye-catching stones, her work with emeralds, which she says she gets from all over the world, stands out.

A jewellery designer by chance, Farah’s love affair with gems began in 1992, when she joined the renowned Gemological Institute of America in Santa Monica, California. When she topped her class, Farah couldn’t have known that one-day Beyonce would wear her designs at her album launch and Serena Williams would sport her jewellery at a luncheon.

Yet, Farah knew that her biggest inspirations would be the captivating natural environment, and shapes and forms that surround her and life’s simple processes. These would catch her fancy, make her “feel” the emotion of inspiration and translate into objet d’art, pieces of beauty that Farah feels outlive even its wearer, to bring a sea of memories with it when handed down for generations. Synonymous with the highest standards in craftsmanship, Farah’s detailed pieces ensure a quality that never compromise on finish. Limited edition collections in her stores across the country, blur the lines between precious and priceless.

While Farah’s longstanding relationship with the haute crystal brand translated into being a regular part of Swarovski’s fashion shows in London and Mumbai, the designer has picked up a bevy of awards, including the Lion Clubs Award for Best Jewellery Designer and Retail Jewellers Award for the Most Innovative Jeweller in 2010. In 2011, she won the Great Women’s Achievement Award for her contribution in the field of jewellery and Best Jewellery Designer Award at the Retail Jeweller India Award.
Having designed now for almost two decades, Farah jewellery is a perfect blend of intricate and striking and bold, yet feminine. Her collections, modeled each year by the crème de la crème of Bollywood, cater to a varied clientele of women and appeal to different facets of their lives. Whether free spirited and adventurous, shy and understated or mature, Farah’s jewellery is a true celebration of the intricate and multi-layered woman, whose feminine grace is never compromised by her will to be strong, determined and confident. Her bold statement pieces that start at $2,500 for a ring, can cross $300,000 for a necklace.

Just like Farah’s jewellery, these are women at the cusp of India’s heritage and avant garde. Making her contributions in design standout in their ability to provide drama and glamour, without shadowing the personality of the wearer.

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