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Varuna D Jani represents the third generation of Popley, one of India’s most trusted and respected families since 1927.

Varuna D Jani’s creative streak led to her launching her signature label “Varuna D Jani” in 2006 and her own flagship store in 2008. Keeping the Indian global woman in mind, Varuna has an exemplary range of luxury jewellery which suits every woman. What makes her unique is that “Varuna D Jani Fine Jewellery” is the only personalized jewellery brand in India. Although, Varuna D Jani is the daughter of the legendary jeweller Ramchand Popley, she has made a name in this male-dominated industry all by herself with sheer determination, talent and hard work.

Varuna D Jani’s distinctive designs and international concepts have helped her create a niche line of elegant creations. Blending Indian and international sensibilities, she brings a much needed woman’s perspective to craftsmanship and detailing.

Starting her own business, Varuna brought not only a breath of fresh air and infusion of originality to the classic styles and understated elegance of the brand, she also invested into it a passionate desire to customize, personalize and cater to the intricate, multidimensional aspects of the global Indian woman. Along with a zealous appetite to play with and uncover all the many facets of bijoux, Varuna infused in the luxury brand a versatility that comes with having a finger on the pulse of the modern woman’s sartorial choices.

In 2006, Varuna launched her signature eponymous label, ‘Varuna D Jani’ and in 2008, her flagship store was born. Very early in her career, Varuna realised that every woman who shops for jewellery has distinctive needs. With each woman’s choices based on versatile individual personalities and face structures, Varuna adds an amazing personalised dimension to jewellery shopping, an activity up until now considered rather straightforward.

The designer’s raison d’être is to be bespoke. “I create jewellery to suit a woman’s personality, looks and visions of what she desires”, says Varuna, “My jewellery is handmade and personalised. My clients are always proud owners of bespoke and unique pieces.” Outside of her unmatched focus to deliver a superior quality of the product, Varuna offers a unique buying experience, which uses the expertise handed down through generations of her family.

Varuna gives women an expert consultancy, while making their decision to purchase as she believes that personalisation and customization is ultimate luxury. Using her knowledge and expertise and inherent instinct, she answers with transparency, cohesiveness and coherence any queries a patron may have. Topics can range from the quality of stones to intricacies of design. Thus, adopting the role of mentor, she suggests her client only what suits them best.

Little wonder then that Varuna has bagged numerous awards like Women Super Achiever in Retail by Asia Retail Congress 2009, Brand Leadership Award for Women, Indra Institute of Marketing, 2009, Diamond Vivaha Jewellery of the Year by 5th Retail Jewellery Awards, 2009, International Achievers Award for Business Excellence, 2010, Indian Achievers Award for Emerging Company, 2011, Diamond Vivaha Jewellery of the Year by 7th Retail Jewellery Awards, 2011 and GR8! Women Awards in Jewellery, 2012

With “Bespoke”, the designer created a signature line of jewellery to compliment individual styles, “Every woman is born unique. So why shouldn’t her jewellery be.”

VOW is a formal jewellery line comprising of bangles and sets fitted with a unique lock adjustment system, which allows four combinations per design. With the World Product Patent for her jewellery VOW - Very Own Wish to her credit, Varuna is the one of the first designers in the world to invent “multiwearable modular jewellery”. The modular jewellery’s USP of adaptability echoes that of the present day woman.

Each piece of jewellery in her line VOW is detachable at several points that create a number of independent and distinctive pieces, which can be re-combined, to return it to its original statement-piece state. With a tagline “the only constant in life is change”, the jewellery allows women to reinterpret and transform even heavier pieces like their wedding jewellery, for a variety of different occasions. Giving that an elaborate bridal piece would otherwise, for most of it’s life be locked away, in this new more intelligent avatar, VOW is a great investment for the urban multifaceted woman who is looking to treasure a piece for eternity. Much like their wearer!

Varuna has also introduced the “VOW Initiative” to help budding designers break free from the insecurities of societal and financial pressures and offer them an opportunity that gives them freedom, happiness and confidence to achieve their dreams. This initiative is the first of its kind in the world where the interns earn knowledge, money and fame. Her dream is to create a legacy through the VOW (Very Own Wish) Initiative that will benefit generations of designers and carry forth what she started.

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