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PCJ understands the cheerful culture that India carries and it’s aura that directs vivid colours. PC Jeweller, the destination spot for all who adore beautiful and unique antique jewellery, has tried to capture the same sprit into their Jewellery designs and opened their beautiful collection for it’s beautiful customers in their exquisite showrooms. Some of the premier collections are on display here for the exquisite connoisseurs of jewellery.

Along with the beautiful ambience, the showroom is lined up with the themed jewellery that evokes powerful imagery in women’s mind the aura of mystery, brilliance and timeless beauty. From the design to the transactional process, everything has been designed with the explicit intention of making things easier for visitors. The catalogue in the showroom displays the products filtered not only by broad categories such as bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings, but are also sorted by more precise criteria such as colour, price range, and even by the materials they are made of.

PCJ is a unique brand and the idea is to provide a complete brand experience in one of the most important market of the world. Keeping this in mind, they have ensured that the stores offer a full range of jewels reflecting the divine radiance of love, culture and divinity. PCJ has been a part of this heritage. PC Jeweller provide 100% Hallmarked jewellery and Certified Diamond jewellery, besides an alluring ambience to catch the mood.

PCJ is rapidly expanding its retail operations through exclusive stand-alone stores in major metropolitan areas, cities and towns in India. Along with these enchanting PCJ designs, festive offers and discounts, they boast to be jewellers for generations. With schemes like Jewels for less (JFL) which lets you select and buy jewellery from an all-exclusive PCJ collection as an easy investment venture and festivals like Sparkling Diamond fests, that will make you the offerings that you have never imagined about, how can they be not be called so?

There is a dedicated team for ongoing creation of designs according to taste and need of customers besides promising uncompromised purity, unparalleled service and undying trust.

Proactive and timely research, creation of world class jewellery and expert guidance to customers in making the right purchasing decisions have made PC Jeweller the name that it has become today. PCJ also takes pride in connecting with its clientele through year-round communication, and seasonal promotions.

Shine bright on your wedding day.

A special wedding collection replete with beautiful designs in bridal jewellery can mesmerize anyone at first glance. With PCJ’s detailed wedding jewellery, you may even light up a room with your bridal grace complementing this fine jewellery. It has all the qualities to make your day absolutely divine. The subtle, classic elegance and the royal look that draws everyone’s attention is the magic of PCJ.

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