Arabic Heaven For Sweets: Kunafa

‘Kunafa’ is a one stop shop for desserts and sweets from the Arabic world and is located in New Delhi’s Meher Chand Market. Kunafa made its way to India after Nikhil Anand and Raghu Sehgal were invited to Naser Barakat’s house. Naser Barakat’s family has especially formulated this rare treat with choicest raw materials from Middle East. The recipe is a family secret handed down from generations. They prepare a wide array of exquisitely rich pastry with a lasting shelf life that sets kunafa apart from other sweets for its habitués can appreciate the mouthwatering delicacies for months.

Nikhil and Raghu observed that the clan was consistent in making these kunafas. The plan was then hatched to bring the heavenly concoctions to India to treat the Indian palette. In a short while the entire range of traditional treats was available at their shop ‘Kunafa’ in New Delhi.

The list of clients of ‘Kunafa’ is as impressive as their sweets and includes the Mittal family from Airtel, esteemed families of the Kohinoor group, the Skyland group, Escorts, Bhushan Steel Group. As pointed out by the regular customers, the baklava is their best selling product, which comes in 30 varieties. It’s a small pastry, stuffed with cashews, pistachios and natural honey. There are about 15 kinds of ‘kunafa’, some fi lled with walnuts and fi gs and others with a hint of cinnamon. Kunafa could easily be described as a piece of heaven in a single bite. Served out on a platter the sweet originates in Palestine and though unconventional to the taste of the Indian tongue, kunafa has gathered momentum with expat communities. It is now being regularly served at exclusive weddings as a change from the regular kalakand and gulab jamun served traditionally at Indian weddings.

Baklava is another fi ne delicacy invented by human ingenuity as it not only nourishes the body but also brings happiness to the mind and soul. Made into a sweetmeat from the pistachios, walnuts and dates sourced from the Middle East. These Mediterranean sweets, a heaven for the sweet-toothed, are prepared by expert Syrian and Jordanian chefs here in India. They use the highest quality of premium nuts and fruit which includes hazelnut, almond, walnut, pistachios, cashews, apricot, orange and lemon.

‘Kunafa’ the Mediterranean sweet shop, brings a new meaning to the art of gifting. A selection of luxurious, royal in taste and traditional packaging offers suitable choices for all occasions. Each box can be customized to suit the taste of the loved one to whom the gift is being given. The box may refl ect the client’s logo or personal message dedicated to the loved one. ‘Kunafa’ also offers appetising and delectable desserts and savory items for weddings. In fact the collection of traditional kunafas is suitable for all celebratory occasions and gifting to, family, friends, and business associates, especially as the varieties seem new each time, as they are changed on a rotational basis.

Kunafa can further be reached at
70, Mehar Chand Market
Lodi Colony
New Delhi - 110003
Phone: 011 – 49050644

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