A Promise Set In Diamonds : Nirav Modi

The Day and Night Collection features diamond studded flowers with adjustable petals.

The unique mechanism in jewels from the Day and Night Collection allows each flower petal to be opened and closed effortlessly. Differently hued diamonds paved onto the interior and outer surface of the petals create the illusion of night transforming into day and vice-versa.

NIRAV MODI, bearing the name of a global diamantaire, is the embodiment of its founder’s lifelong pursuit to create exceptional jewellery, which combine diamonds with the highest level of aestheticism, innovation and craftsmanship. NIRAV MODI blends Nirav’s family’s legacy, and his roots. The internationally acclaimed brands pieces have been sold at both Christie’s & Sotheby’s auction houses. In November 2010, with his exquisite Golconda Necklace, Nirav became the first Indian jeweller to be featured on the cover of the Christie’s Hong Kong auction catalogue, joining the company of immortal jewellers like Harry Winston, Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels. Sotheby’s praised NIRAV MODI’s combination of artistry and technical innovation in the International Herald Tribune.

Amongst these innovations are the patented Endless Mughal and Ainra diamond cuts, which allow diamonds to be set and suspended with minimal metal, creating a linkage of pure light. “Our jewels are crafted to create fluidity for they must become a part of the woman and dance with her every movement”, says Nirav Modi. The perfect play of light, movement, and effortless fluidity lie at the heart of every NIRAV MODI creation. The finest diamonds from around the world are brought to life through the minimal use of metals, the right cut, and immaculate setting processes. Some of the most notable advances in jewellery that have been pioneered by NIRAV MODI include the stretchable self-fitting diamond Embrace Bangles inspired by the playfulness of his daughters’ elastic toy bangles; the Day & Night Collection which comprises handcrafted diamond flowers that have petals which can be open or shut as the occasion demands. NIRAV MODI expresses a sophisticated, savoir faire style that exudes art, femininity and sheer beauty. Inspiration for the jewellery comes from a wide variety of sources - from mythology and children’s toys to nature and architecture. Adorned with the rarest of the diamonds from all corners of the world, embellished with breathtaking motifs and innovative cuts, each jewel is a priceless legacy to be passed on for generations. “Beauty does not reside in any one place, object or person. Inspiration comes from so many sources – nature, art, poetry, architecture – and is sometimes found in themost unexpected of places”, says Nirav Modi. Nirav, having been brought up in Antwerp and having roots in India, has been deeply influenced by classical and modern art and design.

From 16th century paintings by Rubens to Art Noveau architecture to contemporary Indian artists, they have all played their part in making the NIRAV MODI collections an eclectic confluence of Western and Eastern traditions. The NIRAV MODI philosophy for craftsmanship centers on minimalism. With meticulous research and diligent persistence they have perfected the art of using the least amount of metal in their designs so that the carefully hand-picked diamonds shine to their best advantage. Only one hand works on a NIRAV MODI jewel at each step of the jewellery making process to guarantee consistently supreme quality and finishing on every part of the jewel. It is not uncommon for their artisans to pour more than 1500 hours of their heart and soul into a creation to ensure that each impeccable vision becomes a reality. “No effort is ever spared when it comes to our creations”, says Nirav Modi. Their team of experts scour the world in search of the rarest and finest stones checking all the while to ensure that they meet the highest standards.

Their diamond cutting and polishing teams orchestrate each step of the production process to maximise the lustre of each diamond, every single time. The brand launched it’s first flagship boutique at D-33, Defence Colony, New Delhi. Sprawling over 6000 sq.ft., with interiors and visual display which complement the brands ethos. The boutique also includes a live workshop and a hexagonal mirrored diamond bridal room, where a bride can dress in all her finery and examine herself before her big day. Clients can also visit their jewelry lounge at Lower Parel in Mumbai. Next plans include boutiques in Mumbai, followed by New York and London.

Nirav Modi can further be reached at
+91 22 6752 2000

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A Promise Set In Diamonds : Nirav Modi

The unique mechanism in jewels from the Day and Night Collection allows each flower petal to be opened and closed effortlessly.

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