A Bejeweled Bequest : Bharany's

A piece of jewellery that comes from the house of Bharany’s ceases to be a mere compilation of gemstones instead it transcends into a creation that echoes notes of grace, class and fi nesse.

Located in the upscale Sunder Nagar market area, in the capital city of India, this heritage store has a spectrum of imaginative and classic designs that simply dazzle with munifi cence. Founded in 1906 by the late Shri Radha Krishan Bharany, whose contribution to art is legendary and known the world over, the legacy was passed on to his son, Chhote Bharany.

Chhote Bharany started his jewellery business in Calcutta in the 1950s and later, in 1962, moved to the current location at 14, Sunder Nagar Market, New Delhi. From him the reins to this legendary tradition were passed down to his sons Ramji and Mahesh Bharany who have together built upon their heritage to develop a tasteful line of jewellery that is stylishly modern yet classic in design.

The celebrated journey of the brand has been perfectly encapsulated in its tagline ‘Established in 1906, always in style’. True to this, Bharany’s cater to the demands of connoisseurs in a manner so impeccable and impressive that today they can be crowned as the leaders in haute joaillerie in India.

At Bharany’s they believe that the affi nity between jewellery and a fi ne piece of art is similar and an equally interesting acquisition. This is what inspires them to gravitate towards the artistic to turn each piece into a memorable treasure. Apart from the fact that they have an exceptionally curated collection, a special feature of Bharany’s is that they have a personalised service to help clients fi nd the right piece of jewellery to suit their exclusive tastes.

Every piece at Bharany’s has a unique and captivating feature, be it the brilliant blue tanzanite and diamond earrings or the black enamel bead necklace. The personally designed pieces feature a palette of different hues and present varying cuts of diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies and pearls. The concept of mix and match gives liberty to customers to assemble their own exclusive set that suits their taste. Nothing can be more appealing for a bride than to be bedecked in heritage jewellery reset by master craftsmen, exclusively for her wedding. The superior expertise and workmanship of the craftsmen is so skilful that the originality and aestheticism of the jewellery is maintained, especially for trousseaus, without rebelling against traditionalism. The results are striking pieces that portray an artistic sensibility, without being overpowering and remain essentially feminine.

The hallmark of Bharany’s today is not just creation but evolution, since they believe that evolving with time yet keeping the essence of the past alive is what accords them an exclusive global clientele which includes names like Oscar de la Renta and Jemima Goldsmith. Recently they became the only Indian jewellers to be featured in a special edition of National Geographic magazine.

The ability to provide an essence of the modern world along with a blend of avant-garde, without in any way overshadowing the symbol of heritage is what makes Bharany’s one of the fi nest names in jewellery across the globe.

Bharany's can further be reached at
Mahesh Bharany, Ramji Bharany
+91 11 24353957 24358528

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